Very exciting news for this winter as we move ahead with our plans for updating both the house and the gardens. Big changes are afoot and we cannot wait to share with you the fruits of our labours !

Firstly, we have a new member on our family team as Wendy (Ian's partner) joins us, working on both the building / renovation side and the admin side of the business.

Secondly, we have now started the concrete base for the new 8m x 4m swimming pool ! This has involved digging out the bank alongside the old pond, and draining and filling in the old pond area. Progress should now be visible in the daily changes at the site as we build not only the swimming pool, but then also build and install a new luxury outdoor kitchen ! We will shortly be posting up a diagram of the plans so that you can all see what we are so excited about. Then as work moves on we will post up the ongoing pictures. We are hoping for a mild winter now so that we can get as much finished as possible before any bad weather, however everything will definitely be in place for the spring, and for our relaunch as a luxury destination, catering for all your holiday needs.