Okay so its been a mixture of snow, Ice, freezing temperatures, Building work at the new house limited and the wood pile is shrinking faster than anticipated - but the landscapes have been amazing, friends have a smile on their face when taking off coats to stand in front of the log burner, my 2 children had and amazing time here before Christmas but how they can run around and cycle in t- shirts in zero degree temperatures I will never know or understand and the cats, well lets just say the call of the wild is less alluring than the call of the wood burner or a warm bed. 

Christmas is over and the new year has begun - our first booking for the Gite has been confirmed and deposit paid and we start putting roofs on the new house. Look forward to the Classical music festival in Fonteney at the end of January, Indoor Cricket tournament at Il d,ray and the season proper starting earlier in england and without the 7 or 8 layers needed back in blightly.